Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Spare Time and Teaching Kids About Giving to Others

Not that I have much time, if any, but I really want to start making things to donate.  I am hoping that if I get myself in the habit of donating things more than just my old clothes, as the kids get older, it will become something that they also do.  When the twins were born early, granted it was only five weeks, the hospital had little fleece blankets that the babies were swaddled in and we got to take the blankets home.  The twins still use their blankets, though now they use them as blankets to sleep with not as blankets for warmth.  These blankets mean so much to me and they are just simple fleece material with a simple edging.

Recently, I bought a book with different projects and different potential agencies to donate them to.  I have a few other books like that and have gone on line to find projects to create and donate.  Recently a facebook friend posted pictures of some crocheted prayer shawls that she made.  She talked about how these types of shawls gave her niece comfort when she was dying.  Her nieces mother responded how that shawl is now providing her comfort now that her daughter has passed on.  After reading that, it made me want to donate my projects even more.  With the holidays fast approaching, and my goal of making certain gifts, I don't think that I'll get to start projects to donate til after the holidays are over, but I will start and I will make this a tradition that I will pass on to the kids.

There are so many different agencies out there that can use donations and I know that I for one can't afford to give money, but I have enough crafting supplies that I can make things and donate them.  As much as I know hat agencies need money, I like the idea of donating something that can be directly used.  I know that my kids are way too young to understand what donating things to others means, but again, if I get myself in the habit of making things and donating them, maybe once they are old enough, it will be a tradition that is built into our family, not one that needs to be built into our family.

If there is anyone that is interested in joining in, either by creating and donating to a charity of your choice or by sending me a project to donate, please join in!


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