Monday, November 22, 2010

Makes My Monday: New Pictures!

I'm playing along with Cheryl at for Makes my Monday.  These are some of the latest pictures.  I haven't been really good at taking pictures lately!

Everyone wanted yogurt

My climbers

 Eva Rose and Thomas sharing a swing at the park

Enjoying the park on the swings!

My latest craft project

As an update to my last post, I am certainly changing my way of thinking when it comes to blogging.  My blogs are for me and if I get followers or comments, great, if not, oh well.  My blogs are my stories and I will enjoy writing them and reading them.  I do still have some insecurities about people wanting to be friends with me, but I'll get over it and I'm sure as the kids grow and I meet people, I'll meet people who want to be friends and it will all be good.  


1 comment:

  1. Oh Amy your trio are SOOOO adorable! The shot of them on ths swings is simply PRECIOUS!

    You know, I think your blog is thing that I try to remember is that it's for me, and the kids, and my husband. The comments and feedback are simply nice icing, but not the biggest factor in blogging. :)

    Stay with it!