Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ENT Update

I've written that we are bringing both Michael and Eva Rose for an ENT appointment in one week.  Eva Rose has an issue with fluid in her ears and we think Michael is having an issue with enlarged tonsils and/or adenoids.  My first thought, when I heard about these issues, was what ever is recommended by the ENT is what we will do.  There are so many things that this may be effecting, such as: sleep, hearing, breathing, speech and others.  Tom on the other hand wanted to take a moer wait and see approach.

Tom had an appointment today with one of his specialists that he really thinks highly of and he mentioned the issues that we are dealing with in regards to the kids.  This doctor said not to do anything right away.  He thinks that there could be an issue with dairy and/or gluten.  I find this interesting since I had a blood test this past summer that showed that I have an issue with gluten and dairy.  This doctor recommended removing these food items from their diet for at least 2 weeks before we do anything.  So, as of now, we are a gluten free dairy free house.

We will not be doing anything til we evaluate removing gluten and dairy from their diet.  We are thinking that this may help with their diaper rashes also.  I have been wanting to change my eating habits for some time now, but always find myself falling back on old eating patterns.  Now that there may be a more serious issue than just my upset stomach, I am thinking that we will be more motivated to do teh right thing!

Anyone do a gluten free dairy free diet for kids?


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  1. My husbands family has celiac disease and my sister has a dairy allergy. For the gluten you should get the gluten free shopping guide book. It is on amazon and has lists of all the foods you can think of and then which brands are gluten free even if they don't advertise it. Like salad dressings and mayo and taco seasonings and pasta sauces. Quinoa pasta is the best gluten free option in our opinion. And I think panteen is the only gluten free shampoo and Irish spring is gluten free I think (but double check the book). My mom has an amazing dairy free Mac and cheese recipe I will have to get for you. She makes it all the time with chopped chicken in it.my sister doesn't do eggs either so my mom will use a banana for each egg called for in baking. That's all I can think of off the top of my head.