Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Yes, I know, not another posting about sleep!  As usual, we are having horrible sleeping in this house!  Michael, who will be 3 in March and who has never slept well, is getting better with going to sleep, but continues to be horrible with staying asleep.  We put him to bed, and soon after he gets out and plays in his room.  There are very few toys in there, but he definitely finds things to play with.  We've been letting him play for a short time, and then we go in and put him back in his bed.  For the last couple of days, this has really worked out.  The biggest problem is him sleeping through the night.  We decided, ok I accepted that I need to do CIO (cry it out).  This morning, I can't remember the time, we started CIO at my husband's prompting.  He finally fell asleep and slept on the floor.  I am hoping that with consistency, he will start to go to bed easily and sleep through the night.

The twins, who just turned 2 this past Sunday, have been great sleepers pretty much from the beginning.  Now, Thomas fight going to sleep, but letting him CIO for a short time usually works.  Eva Rose, usually falls asleep quickly, but then has been waking in the middle of the night screaming!  I have been bad with getting her up for a short time, but then I put her back in her crib and let her CIO.  It's not as short as for thomas, but shorter than  for Michael.  I think this is why I have an easier time doing CIO with the twins.  they seem to respond quicker.  Michael can cry for what seems like forever and it kills me.  I have hearing him cry to the point of almost making himself sick. I know I need to do it and i know that i need to be consistent with it.  He's almost 3 and he needs to start sleeping.  I need to start sleeping.

If anyone has suggestions for dealing with CIO in toddlers, I would very much appreciate it.   I know that consistency is key, and that is my goal.  We started CIO this morning and I need to continue it with all 3 kids!  Any other sleep suggestions are very much welcome!

A sleep deprived Amy

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  1. It sounds like you know what you need to to. It's just that the follow through can be tough. I hope it works out. Sleep issues are so frustrating.