Sunday, December 19, 2010

Eva Rose's First Haircut

Saturday, we took all 3 kids for their holiday haircut.  Both the boys had been before and were certainly not fan for their first haircut, but boy oh boy, Eva Rose was not a happy camper.  We take the boys to a traditional barber in Cambridge, that is not only inexpensive, but the staff have great personalities as well and they are actually really good with the kids.

This time, Eva Rose went first and as you can see from the following pictures, she was miserable.  Then Thomas went, and her was just as miserable.  I didn't think that he would be that bad since his first time wasn't too traumatic.  Finally, it was Mr Michael's turn.  He was amazing.  He didn't cry once.  This was probably his 5th or 6th hair cut  and the woman cutting his hair said that haircuts 2-6 tend to be the worst.  We have a few more to go with the twins before we have no crying.  That is if what she said is true!

Before we started

Even eating her candy cane wasn't making her happy!

Yay!  All Done!!!!

Thankfully we won't have to go back for a while!


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  1. Sorry to hear that Eva Rose's first haircut didn't go well. Neither of my two have had haircuts yet, though I would love to take Buba in for a trim (T is against it). I'll probably just trim Tiny's hair myself for a while since it's just a matter of evening out the curls a little bit.