Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Handmade Christmas Update

My Christmas cards are pretty much all stuffed and ready to be mailed.  No, I did not make them myself, but I did pick out the pictures and the card myself.

I have completed 4 felt eggs and a few felt bow tie pastas for the kids for Christmas.  I have a few Oreo looking cookies that still need to be sewn.  I have a few other cookie to cut out and sew and I still want to decide on a few other felt food items for their Christmas gifts.  I really need to move on to making aprons to go along with the food as well as some scrubs to go along with the doctor kit that I bought them.  I also want to make a doll for Eva Rose and something else for the boys.

I have my silhouette patterns to cut out for my mom's gift.  I need to get together an album of the kids for my grandmother (which is probably something I should do sooner than later since she is in a nursing home and is declining and is out of state).  I have a few wine sacks to sew and I would love to make some wine bottle stoppers to go along with them.

As you can see I have way too many projects and so not enough time to complete them.  I'll probably have to hold off on some of the kids gifts so that I can get the others done.  Someday, I'll learn not to wait until the last minute, but wait in 37 years I haven't learned it yet.  I probably shouldn't hold my breath, but it is something to strive for!

Happy Holidays,

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