Monday, December 13, 2010

Sleep and Christmas

Hopefully by writing this, I am not jinxing myself.  Michael has had almost 1 week of sleeping through the night (with a little of going in and rubbing the head or the back but only 1 out of the bed nights).  The only night that he woke and was uinable to be quieted in his bed was the only night that I didn't go in and check on him.  In the past he has always fought having a blanket on so I haven't been putting it on him figuring he's like his dad and tends to like to sleep on the cooler side.  He has since started letting me put the blanket on him and it seems to make a huge difference.  Yeah, I know, bad mom.  I should have figured this out sooner, except like I said he would always kick the blanket off almost immediately.  I have to admit that the one night that I had to take him out of his room, not only did I have an upset stomach, but he sounded like he was going to get sick also (we've also been fighting sickness in our house as well as a lot of stomach things going around).  Let's hope that this continues and we all get some good much needed rest.

On another note, Christmas is 12 days away.  Can you believe it?  This will be our second Christmas as a family of five.  I think the kids are going to love getting presents this year.  I'm not sure that they are going to get Santa, but gifts should be much more fun.  This year, we are giving them some new toys and some recycled toys that were given to us.  Given that we got so many toys given to us, they are getting a ton of things.  They would not be getting nearly as many things as they are if we had to buy everything.  We are getting them some new toys.  I got 3 Mr. Potato Heads.  Mainly, I got these because I am trying to get gifts that will help with their speech so I was looking at getting things that EI (early intervention used) and also the Potato Heads are from Toy Story, which they love!  I also got them some puppets, some blocks, and a doctors kit.  I am making them some things also.  I had wanted to try to make sure that they got something handmade every year, but this is the first year that I am able to do it.  I have started on some felt food.  So far I have eggs and farfalle pasta.  I want to make a few more things (even though I asked for play food for Christmas).  I also want to make aprons for the kids and maybe even some kid sized scrubs if I can get around to it.  I am trying to have a somewhat handmade Christmas this year.  I am, as usual, last minute susie here, but I know that the things I want to make for everyone, can get done by Christmas.  My friend over at has inspired me to get my butt moving and make things.  I need to stop stting and vegging out at the TV.  I can hand sew things, make my scrapbooks, do my clay, even set up my sewing machine if I have to all while I watch TV.  This way, I can be rpoductive rather than just a lump doing nothing.  Plus, it's way better for my mind!  I never watched TV growing us and here I am as an adult and I am wasting precious time in from of the TV.

Happy Holidays,

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  1. Our Christmas is about 95% hand made! I made them the world's ugliest rag dolls today! Haha. I am not sure whether or not I will give them to them or just get rid of 'em.