Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Crazy Life

I don't know if it was just a bad day, the fact that I got my period (sorry if TMI), or what, but I had a horrible day.  The kids drove me crazy, the house is a disaster, and I was just in a plain crappy mood.  My kids are now almost 3 and almost 2.  In a couple of weeks, I'll actually have 3 two year olds for a month and a half.  They fight horrible, they destroy my house (and I hate to clean as it is),  and they just always want to be on the go.  Now that winter is here, we can't really go to the park.  They hate to keep mittens on so being outside for any length of time is pretty much out of the question.  The indoor play areas can get crazy expensive or just plain crazy with 3 little ones. 

With the new year coming, my goal is to have a schedule, albeit fairly flexible, but a schedule for both me and the kids so that I can make sure that they are having fun, learning, and I can get things done.  I haven't been very scheduled at all, and I think it is now time to put something into place so that I feel less stressed about the day!  I am hoping that with some scheduling, the craziness wll be alleviated somewhat, or at least I won't be as stressed about it.  Now, I need to get a plan in place for waht I want to do with the kids.  There is a resource network that I want to check out.  I am hoping to get together with some friends who have kids and do a playgroup.  I want to plan to have art time almost daily even if it is only for a short time.  I want have dress up time.  I guess I just need to put in some structured play time, and as stupid as it sounds, I'm not sure exactly how I want to schedule the day.  If anyone has any suggestions or wants to plan a playgroup, please let me know.  My newest goal is to start scheduling my day a little bit more than I have been.



  1. I don't have a 3rd, but I certainly know that crazy kind of day you're talking about. My guess is that a schedule will definitely help. Kids (adults too) like predictability. And I imagine even a fairly flexible schedule will improve things a bit.

    For us, it's get up and get ready, breakfast, potty/teeth time, then out the door to do something. The something varies from day to day, but getting out for a bit every morning seems to make time at home easier to manage. We're home by lunchtime, and then it's nap time. After nap, it's snack time, and then the kids have time with Daddy while I go off to a tutoring job. Sometimes they stay in, sometimes they go out. It depends on what he wants/needs to do.

    I'd suggest poking around library and family sites in your area. Put every free and low cost event on your calendar. It doesn't mean you have to do it, but on a day when you don't have anything planned, you can look at the calendar and know your options without having to do a ton of searching. Our calendar includes every storytime and sing along (at two nearby libraries and Barnes and Noble), every open toddler time at places where they can run and play (like Turf Time in Tewksbury), and drop-in play spaces in our town and two neighboring towns. With all this in the works, we rarely have the need to look for other things to do.

    Good luck!

  2. I'd form a play group with you if we were geographically compatible! It's so hard some days!!!

    I'll post about our schedule in a few days because we really do have it down pat at this point. Here are some things that have helped me maintain my sanity:

    - wine (j/k, but not really)
    - going to the gym (there is a kids' zone there and they are completely comfortable and have fun while I either go to physical therapy or work out)
    - preschool (who knew those 4 hours a week would turn into my own personal Heaven?)
    - library as the previous commenter mentioned...awesome programs.

    I just started reading 1-2-3 Magic too and I think I may just be in love...I'm not finished, but I'll be posting on that soon too! Hang in's okay to want to kill them...then just plaster a grin on your face and fake your way through the the rest of us!