Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy 23 Months Babies!

A few of my twin mom friends write letters to their children every month to document the different things that have gone on.  This can be developmental changes, activities that have happened, or just funny things/memories to preserve.  Since today is Eva Rose and Thomas' 23rd month of life, I figured I'd start today.  I don't think that I am as prepared as I'd like to be to really document all the different things that have gone on, but I definitely want to acknowledge that my babies aren't babies any more.  I will be sure to really document things for their 2 year birthday, but for this post, I will just briefly go over things.

We found out that we were having twins when I was 11 weeks along in my second pregnancy.  I was so lucky to get pregnant so quickly after my first son.  We never imagines twins, though so many people joked about it with us.  I have twins on both sides of my family and even though the male doesn't really have anything to do with the likelihood, my husband has identical triplets on his side.  I was put on bed rest at 23 weeks and was so scared that I would deliver early.  At 35 weeks, my OB took me off bed rest and when I went for a routine non-stress test, I found out that I was having the babies that night because of pre-eclampsia.  They were born 5 weeks early and my daughter was 4 pounds 7 ounces and 17 3/4 inches and my son was 4 pounds 8.9 ounces and 17 inches.  They did great and were able to come home with me.  unfortunately after 2 1/2 weeks, my son got RSV and was taken to Children's Hospital via ambulance from a routine doctors appointment.  He was in the hospital for 3 weeks and did well.  His sister was admitted for RSV 1 week after he was and she was in for 2 weeks.  From the time they were discharged from the hospital, they just grew stronger and stronger every day!  Over the last month, I have seen such changes in both of their verbal skills.  We have had early intervention involved for about 3 months now and the improvement in their ability to express and understand is amazing.  My Eva Rose was always and continues to be my feisty go getter and I thought that she would be the one to speak first and have a more extensive vocabulary.  My Thomas is my little cuddle bug that loves to snuggle especially with daddy.  The funny thing is, he is the one who seems to have all of a sudden exploded with his vocabulary.  they are still only saying 1 word at a time, but they have gone from  maybe a 5 word vocabulary to at least a 25 word vocabulary and probably more than that.  They are able to point out pictures and name objects independently.  They are starting to play with toys in a more functional manner. 

My goal for the new year is to start really having some scheduled activities for them instead off me being wishy-washy about the day.  I think this will be a better plan for all of us.  I don't want to plan and schedule my day in a totally rigid manner, I just want to have a plan on what I want to happen that day.  I love being a mom too my 3 kids, and even though I always knew I wanted to have children and stay at home with them, I never realized how totally amazing it would be.  Don't get me wrong, I have my major stressors and don't always deal with things in the most rational way and my kids are not perfect angels, but I wouldn't change a thing!  As difficult as it's been having 3 kids in 10 1/2 months, I wouldn't change a thing.  I love watching them play together and overall they get along really well.  They are siblings after all so they do also fight, but when they kiss each other and play together nicely, it makes me tear up!

Wow, lengthy post, but so needed.  I may repeat some of this in next months post for their 2 year post, but after that I won't!  thank you bloggy friends for inspiring  me to write this type of post.  I know that this is not the best most in depth post (even though it is so long), but I think this is a great way to document different things in my kids lives since I can't scrapbook like I would want to (though I really need to get back to doing that!)


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  1. Happy 23 glad to hear about the vocab. I'll bet there aren't many quiet moments in your house anymore!

    I agree about the schedule...not too rigid, but having activities really keeps my kids in better moods.