Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Way Back When-esday: March 2009

I was just reading and it reminded me of when I took my twins home from the NICU after their bought with RSV.  Thomas had been admitted 1 week before Eva Rose and was supposed to come home on Friday after he had been in the hospital almost 3 weeks.  Thursday night we got a phone call that Thomas had a minor set back with some tachycardia so he wasn't able to come home the next day.  He stayed over the weekend and ended up coming home with his sister on Monday in a snow storm, just like when we left the hospital after they were born.  I thought it was pretty amazing that not only did they they ended up coming home together, but pretty much on their due date.  We had to have a visiting nurse to check their weights and their breathing.  They did awesome and the visiting nurse was able to discharge us after just a couple of weeks!

March 3, 2009

March 3, 2009


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Our Newest Family Picture!  I was actually able to make the boys tie and Eva Rose's dress to coordinate!

  I actually had a lot of fun sewing this and can't wait to sew more!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Friday, April 22, 2011


I've been a little at a loss for what to write lately.  For the last week we have at least 1 sick kid at a time, sometimes 2.  Pretty much they have just been sick with fevers of unknown origin.  Michael has had a fever since last Friday.  We took him to the doctors on Tuesday and she couldn't find any reason for the fever.  He just may have had a virus that needed to clear his system or he may have had a simple GI bug.  All of a sudden, Michael started getting better and then Eva Rose ended up with a fever.  Hers seems to come and go a little more than Michael's.  She didn't have a fever on Tuesday, so we didn't have the doctor look at her, now she has a fever and we are just riding it out.  The only difference is, she seems to get herself worked up and then her breathing starts to get a little labored from crying so hard and then I get a little PTSD about her breathing and start worrying that she is having difficulty breathing and that she needs to be seen for her breathing.  This is just one of my little neurotic behaviors about my kids.  Ever since the RSV when they were just weeks old, I have always gotten freaked out by any small seemingly insignificant changes in their breathing, not so much Michael, but definitely the twins and more so Eva Rose since she seems to be the one that I notice it more with.  We are now waiting to hear from the ENT doctor about scheduling tubes for Eva Rose.  Hopefully this fever won't put it off!

Enough with my crazy thoughts about breathing.  One thing I have been doing is reading a ton of blogs lately.  I love my food blogs, my health blogs, my green blogs, and my craft blogs, never mind my twin mom friends' blogs.  I wish I had known about blogging when I was on bed rest with the twins!  I could have been blogging about my pregnancy, reading all sorts of blogs of interest, and finding things to do when I actually had time.  What did I do instead, I slept, and slept, and slept.  I certainly got a lot of rest back then and I probably needed it, but looking back, I wish I had been more productive and I wish I had a journal of my pregnancy!  I am loving not only blogging, but reading blogs and even sometimes meeting new friends!

Hopefully, I'll have something interesting to write about soon!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Miserable Monday (and weekend too)!

I have had a sick kid for 4 days now.  My poor 3 year old has had a fever since Friday.  He missed school on Friday, which was picture day, being the first day of his fever.  I figured, he sleep and get lots of rest and then Saturday we'll be fine.  Saturday came, and he wasn't fine.  Bad mom that I am, I said let's go out for a little bit and maybe he'll feel better.  NOPE!  Sunday came and the same thing.  Both Friday and Saturday, he slept all day and then was up way too late at night.  Sunday, I thought, maybe we should let him rest, but not sleep so much since I would much rather him go to bed early than sleep all day and not at night.  So, he slept less during the day, but still rested and actually seemed to perk up a little bit.  We went out for a ride just to get out of the house and he just wasn't feeling good.  Back home, we changed everyone into jammies and put everyone to bed quite a bit earlier than usual.  Unfortunately, my daughter decided that she was going to throw up about 20 minutes after we put them to bed.  Thankfully she is fine, but Michael still has a fever even today.  It actually got to the point that I was ready to take him to the ER since he had the fever for 4 days and our doctor's office was closed today due to the marathon running right by the office.  I love our doctor, but her being in Wellesley sometimes is just too far and too inconvenient.  But the straw that is breaking the camel's back is the office answering service.  I called twice this morning only to be on hold for 10 minutes each time.  The first time, I did speak with someone, but the second time, I was just on hold.  Not exactly the best customer service.  I was all ready tio get the kids in the car to go to the ER and my husband tried again.  This time he got through and we got a call back from the doctor.  By this time Michael had peed, which he hadn't in about 5 hours, not a drop.    The doctor pretty much made me feel comfortable not rushing to the ER but did say that we should see his doctor tomorrow.  We have an appointment tomorrow for his sister and hopefully we can have her see him then.  Hopefully he'll be feeling better tomorrow.  Now the issue is deciding to change doctors or not.  This also means that I will be changing doctors, since the biggest reason we stayed on after she moved to Wellesley, other than we really like her, is that she is a family doctor and she sees me and the kids!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Way Back When-esday: July 2007

I'm joining up with Cheryl at for Way Back When-esday!

2007 was a crazy year, leading to more craziness with the next couple of years (Michael's birth 3/2008, finding out I was pregnant again 6/2008, finding out it was twins 8/2008, going on bed rest 10/2008, and finally giving birth to my twins 1/2009 10 1/2 months after Michael was born).  In May I graduated from Salem State College (now Salem State University) with my masters in social work.  The next month, June 2007, Tom and I got married after dating for almost 14 years.  That same month I sold my grandmother's house who had passed away the year before.  Then just one month later, my mother in law got sick and went into the hospital, unfortunately never returning home, she passed away in the hospital.  During the time she was in the hospital, I found out I was pregnant with Michael.

This picture is Tom and I and Takoda at Salem Willows, about 1 1/2 months after we got married.  I was about 6 weeks pregnant at this point.

July 29, 2007 at Salem Willows, Salem MA, 1 1/2 months after we got married


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter Dress

This past weekend was our twins' group sale and I unfortunately misunderstood another twin mom who I had planned to buy a bunch of clothing from so I didn't get Easter outfits, nor a bunch of things at the sale.  I had really wanted to sew my own outfits for Easter so I think that this may have worked out in my favor somewhat.  My local fabric store had a sale with patterns being $.99 and I was even able to get some fabric for $2 a yard.  I sewed up Eva Rose's dress last night and overall it was really easy.  I still have to hem it and take out a few stitches, but I am really happy with how it came out.  I am thinking I want to go back and get some more patterns since they are $.99 and my little girl seems to be in love with skirts and dresses.  Now I just have to cut out and sew coordinating ties for the boys!

My little ham!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Way Back When-esday:Opening Day

I'm joining in again with for Way Back When-esday!  I can't believe how much they have grown since April 6, 2009.

Since having the twins in 2009 we have tried to get pictures on or near opening day of the different sports teams from New England.  We have mainly just done football and baseball, but I think we have one hockey picture.  With Opening day coming this weekend, Friday I believe, here is our first Red Sox opening day picture with the 3 kiddos.  Michael had just turn 1 a month before and the twins were just 2 1/2 months.

Look at that smile on Thomas

Not looking too bad for 4 1/2 pounds at birth and just 1 month after getting out of the NICU with RSV

My no neck boy!  Look at those cheeks!

So sweet and comfy!

The big brother!

Michael loves his little brother!

Checking out his little sister

The twins just 2 1/2 months old!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gardening With 2 Toddlers and a Pre-schooler

Last year, we dug our first garden.  We had pretty good luck with our first attempt at gardening, especially with tomatoes and eggplants.  We definitely need to do better with a lot of other veggies.  I am thinking that maybe we will go to the local garden center and get some info on planting seeds.  I think we may be a little late.  Having 3 little ones has made it difficult for us to get our act together.  I'm sure that there are plenty of people out there that have things more difficult and do a better job, but we (ok me) just seem to have trouble getting my  act together.
Can't really tell where the garden is since everything is one color!

A couple of my friends have blogged about either gardening or having garden fresh kids.  This made me think about needing to get the gardening started.  I'm thinking that we may end up with garden center plants again, because we haven't gotten our act together.  I am hoping that we still have time to get some plants started.  Even of we don't have time to get the whole garden started with seeds, I still want to start some plants by seeds with the kids!
Our composter!

I think it will be fun to start the kids gardening at such a young age.  I remember having a garden when I was  a kid, but I don't remember it being fun.  I am hoping that we can get the kids to see gardening as fun and something that they want to be a part of.  I'm not thinking that this will always be the case, but I am thinking that if we can start them off with the right beliefs, even if they stray, they will come back later in life.  That was how I was with a lot of things in my life: gardening, line drying, crafting.

I can't wait until Michael gets home from pre-school so that we can go and look at some planting materials!