Sunday, September 26, 2010

Apple Picking 2010

We took the kids apple picking today with some friends.  We went to an orchard in Stow MA, Shelburne Farms.  The apples were awesome!  They had a ton on the trees and they were so tasty.  We took a ton of pictures, close to 400, between Tom and I.  We have a ton of apples and I need to bake often!  I can't wait. Any good recipes?

Just some of the pictures from our fabulous day apple picking.  We are all exhausted (including our friends that came with us) after chasing around three kiddos that didn't want to sit still for more than a few seconds to maybe capture a photo.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Anxiety and Feeling Inadequate

One of the blogs I follow,, wrote about anxiety in her latest post.  This as well as thinking about the honest feelings that some people write about in their blogs gave me fodder for what I am about to write. 

It seems like forever that I have been a shy, awkward, introvert that had a few close friends, but never really felt comfortable in crowds.  Even as far back as elementary school, I aways had one best friend that I did everything with.  That went on even into adulthood.  Given that my life has had major changes over the last few years, I don't have as much time to be out there meeting people and when I am out there, at say twin group activities, I find myself tending to stick with talking to one person rather than moving around and chatting with everyone. 

Once I had my twins, I joined a local twins group.  I have met some really nice people, but my anxieties about starting a conversation with people has limited me to really getting to know only a few people in the group.  That being said, a lot of these people have already formed friendships and my lack of confidence tends to make me think that they have their friend group and they don't need others (or me) to be a part of it.  I believe that these are my own issues and not the fact that they don't want me to be involved (at least I hope that this is the case).  I think I am a friendly person with things to share and bring to a friendship, I just sometimes find it hard to put myself out there.  I decided to become the COPE co-chair to get out there and meet new people and hopefully start to make friends.  I was just at a meeting the other night and ended up talking to just really one person (as usual).  I kept thinking "I am a co-chair.  I should be moving around the room seeing how things are going not just having a conversation with one person."  Did I ever do that?  No!  I have thought about resigning as co-chair thinking that maybe I am just not meant to chair a meeting.  I get all anxious at the thought of having to start a meeting.  This is absolutely crazy since I am a social worker and I should be able to run something akin to a support group, or so one would think.  The other part of me says, your a crazy person and just stay with it, which is probably what I will do unless someone asks me to.

I could write a book on my insecurities and maybe it would be a good thing to write them down, just maybe not in cyberworld for the world to see.  I think it may be helpful for me to see in black and white what they are so that I can dela with them.  One of the things that I don't want to do is pass on my lack of self confidence to my children.  I know what it was like growing up not feeling good enough and I don't ever want them to feel that way!

So, I have put myself out there writing about this.  Hopefully if people read this, they won't think I am truly a crazy person.  Hopefully other people in the twins group won't want me to step down from being the co-chair of COPE.  I guess I just needed to put some of this out there for myself to see in writing and maybe if I did it in blog format, I was hoping that other people will comment on waht I have written.  Some day, I'll deal with these foolish insecurities and hopefully will stop beayting myself up.

Thanks for listening,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Way Back When-esday Apple Picking

I'm once again joining in with for Way Back When-esday.

With Fall here, we are once again planning apple picking trips.  This is one of our favorite picture from two years ago, when Michael was seven months old and I was four months pregnant with the twins.  I remember taking this picture and many more that weekend.  I remember how big I was and how I was laying on the ground trying to get some great pictures of Michael.  This was a couple of weeks before I went on bed rest with the twins and am so glad that we were able to enjoy some time doing the things we love with Michael while we only had him and before I was unable to do many things with him!

Michael enjoying his first apple 
Date: October 12, 2008
Michaels' age: 7 months


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Apple Picking

We took the kids apple picking for the first time this year.  We will be going again this weekend to hopefully our favorite place.  We've taken Michael there but he was only 6 months old and when we had all 3 last year, we just did pictures.  This year, the plan is to let them walk and help pick apples and take lots of cute pictures!  These are the ones from Connors Farm in Danvers!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Early Intervention

We finally have all 3 kids signed up for early intervention and their individual sessions start this week.  Michael starts tomorrow and the twins start on Thursday.  We have been going to group for 2 weeks so far and as great as I think it is, I'm not sure that they are getting anything out of it yet.  It is interesting to watch my 3 interact or not interact with the other kids in the group.  I really feel like my kids need to have more interaction with other kids so that they start to learn social skills. 

I am really looking forward to having the individual sessions start.  I have noticed a big difference with the twins and their immitating skills and Michael has gotten better, but not the the extent that the twins have.  I have hearing test scheduled for all 3 kids and Michael goes this week.  It should be interesting to find out if there is an issue with his hearing that has made him delayed in speech or if it is something else.  I am hoping that he is jsut developing on his own time and that there is not more going on with him or the twins.  I am a little nervous taking Michael for his hearing test, not knowing what to expect.  I may put a message out to the twins group to see if anyone has had experience with hearing tests at this age and what I should be expecting from the visits for the 3 kids.

It's amazing how I was looking for things to do with the kids and now that early intervention is involved 3 of 5 week days, the kids have some sort of intervention happening.  At least Tuesday and Friday are early days, but Thursday is right in the middle so that only leaves the morning to really do anything on that day.  Now that I am working, it makes it a little more difficult, but not impossible and at least I know that we have things going on 3 days a week.  And the best part is that the kids will hopefully start talking more soon.  From what I hear, it happens quickly and EI works wonders.  hopefully it will help with their socialization skills as well as their speech skills.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Way Back Whenesday

This week was the season opener for the Patriots.  As is the tradition since we had the twins we took pictures with our game gear on.  Boy have things changed since we just had Michael!

Not exactly opening day but Michael is in his game gear 12/2008


Our family in game gear 1 week after opening day

Our family Opening Day 9/13/2010

Boy have things changed!  The kids are so much bigger on such a short time!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Last Day of Summer with Daddy

Tom went back to School on Tuesday, so we decided to make Monday a special day!  All weekend we had talked about going into Boston with the kiddos and bike ride along the Charles.  We finally had  day where things went well and we were able to get out earlier enough to make a day of it.  We decided to get some food at the store and have a picnic.  The kids didn't eat a ton, but they had fun!

Michael is checking out the tires on the bike stroller

The twins in their chariot

Thomas is checking out the bike tires

Eva Rose is enjoying the loaf of bread that we had for lunch

Michael tried out the big boy swing

Eva Rose decided that she wanted to be on the big girl swing

Trying out a different position

Checking out the view from the slide

getting ready to slide

Thomas loves steering wheels

After spending time in Boston, we decided to get ice creams.  We thought that we would be good and give the twins a chance to experience eating an ice cream cone on their own.  What a mistake!  They were a mess, but it was so much fun to watch them and another customer had a good laugh too.

Thomas eating his first ice cream cone on his own (likes like he's doing a great job, then a mess)

Eva Rose enjoying her ice cream cone on her own.  As you can see, she has made a mess.

This is not Michael's first time with an ice cream cone, but he was just as messy.  I think it's a requirement of childhood!

We had a great day and miss daddy being back in school, but are so happy that the weather has been so nice.  I am so happy to have the weather be the right temperature to take the kids outside more, than in the sun and heat throughout the summer.  My kids don't deal well with the heat and neither do I!  Hopefully, we'll get out and see more friends!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Muffin Tin Meals

For someone who likes to be creative, I certainly am not having much creative spark lately.  I can't figure out simple creative craft projects for my kids to do.  I asked my twins group and got a good amount of suggestions on things to do with the kids (thankfully).  Then, I was reading another twin mom's blog at and got the idea for muffin tin meals.  I certainly can use any ideas when it comes to getting my kids to eat their meals better and this seems like it is worth a try.  Maybe my kids are too young, maybe it won't make a difference, or maybe just maybe they'll find it fun and they will eat better.  Maybe they won't throw their plate on the floor after dumping their food on their high chair tray.  I'm not sure anything will help, but this looks like a fun way to try even snacks.  I will be checking out fun muffin tins and silicone miffin cups.  I may try the muffin cups first and see how that goes over.

With regards to getting the kids involved in crafts, I got a few great ideas from some other twin moms.  I have some what of a plan on attempting to get the kids involved in doing things that will be creative and help to work on their motor skills.  Maybe it will keep them busy so that I can also do something creative along with them.

What I find to be the toughest part about finding creative things to do with the kids, other than actually coming up with the ideas, is figuring out how to get all 3 kids involved.  I think some of the ideas that I have in mind will work well and I can do an adult version of what they are doing.  I do need to get a few supplies for some of the ideas, but I also have some supplies that will work in the interim.  Maybe, I can even tie the craft projects into their EI work/goals?!

Look for future pictures of the kids creative craft projects!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010


With Tom back in school, we are trying to get back to our routine.  We had a fun and crazy summer, but now we need to get back to a little routine.  This summer I started a new part time job, that seems to be working out well.  It will be interesting to see how things go now that Tom is back in school.  I think that things are going to go fine, we just need to get into our routine of both of us working.

As I wrote in prior posts, the 3 kiddos got accepted into early intervention for a speech delay.  I also found out today that they are going to be in a group on Fridays which means more socialization for them.  I am really looking forward to having EI involved.  I am even more looking forward to going to group.  This week we start group and start the 3 kids' IFSP (their service plan).  It will be nice to know that we definitely have specific things scheduled for certain days and I still want to try to get them into other things like the library, art class, play groups, etc.

I am also the co-chair of my twin's grouop COPE meetings.  This should be interesting since I will be working til 7:30 and they start at 7:30.  Tom is going to have to get the kids in bed by himself 1 night a month.  I'm sure he'll do fine, it's just a lot of work for 1 person.

My newest fall goal is to get the kids started on some arts and crafts projects.  Maybe, if I can get them started on something, I can do something too.  There is just not enough time in the day to do the things that need to be done as well as the things that I want to do.

I am really looking forward to the fall weather.  Hopefully we'll get out to the park more.  This summer we spent a lot of time in our back yard or our neighbor's.  I hope that the twin's group starts up more playground dates or even playdates at peoples houses.

Sleep, which is always in issue, has been good and bad.  Michael is doing better at sleeping through the night, but is going to bed later than I would like.  I am hoping that with our schedule getting back to normal, he'll get back to his normal bedtime.  Overall, I can't complain about the sleep patterns the last couple of weeks.  Now if only they would remain good!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Twin Group Get Together

This past Saturday, we went to Bedford Springs Park with the twins group that I belong to.  We weren't sure if we were going to go since we had a ration of 2 adults to 3 kids (my older son being almost 2 1/2 and my twins 19 months), but another twin mom asked if we were going and it made me really want to go.  I'm really glad that we were able to go since the kids had a fabulous time and Michael amazed me at how far into the water he wanted to go!

Eva Rose playing with the sprinklers

Michael playing with the sprinklers

Thomas thinking about playing with the sprinklers

Michael in the water

Thomas and Eva Rose in the water

Thomas and Eva Rose this year

Eva Rose and Thomas last year

Michael this year

Michael last year

We had a great time and look forward to next year!