Monday, September 28, 2009

Makes My Monday: Newest Changes

Both of the twins have been changing so quickly.  Both Eva Rose and Thomas have started pushing themselves up onto their knees.  It's amazing how quickly these changes happen.  Pretty soon they will be crawling, then onto pulling themselves up and then walking all before I know it.  Unfortunately, I rarely have my camera ready when they are up on their knees.  Luckily I was able to get a quick snapshot or 2 of Thomas, but not Eva Rose.  A huge part of me loves to watch these changes, but then there is a small part of me that wants things to remain the same.

He's on his way to crawling

Look at him up on those knees

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Children's Hospital

I got a call from my sister in law tonight.  She said that her daughter, Leah, was talking with a nurse at Maine Med who mentioned that she had worked at Children's Hospital.  Leah mentioned that her little cousins were in Children's with RSV.  This nurse actually remembered my little ones when they were in the hospital back in Feb.  She remembered that they were preemies, that my son came in first and then my daughter, and that they were both intubated.  Unfortunately I do not know her name.  What I do know is that all of the nurses that took care of my tiny, sick, little babies were the most caring, supportive, willing to provide information and take the time to listen and answer all of our many and repetitive questions.  I am so impressed that with all the sick children that these nurses see everyday, that she and other nurses  remembered my two little guys.

My little ones are doing so good now.  They are healthy and growing by leaps and bounds.  I am so sorry that my little ones were so sick when they were so young and that they (and we) had to go through such a horrible ordeal, but because of the loving, caring, and supportive environment that they were in, they were able to grow so strong and healthy.

Everyday is a new experience with 3 little ones, but I am so loving this life!


Thursday, September 17, 2009


Before I had children, I thought that life was passing by so fast.  Now that I have 3, I am amazed at how fast things change and how fast time passes. My little Michael is only 18 months, but he is such a little boy.  He no longer looks like a baby.  He is starting to look like a boy.  In some ways this makes me sad, but in many ways, I so love watching him grow and change and get more and more of his special personality!

The twins are growing and changing so fast also.  Thankfully they still look little babies.  But they are starting to lift their hips and rock.  Before I know it they will be crawling, then standing, then furniture walking, and finally walking independently.  I know that this will all take time, but I also realize that this will happen all to quickly.  They have the best little personalities.   It's amazing how all three are so different, yet they are all from the same parents.  I love watching my babies change and grow.

I have to say that I am loving this schedule that I have been using, mostly for the twins but also for Michael!  We are trying to get this house organized and looking at least semi-presentable.  Saturday, I am having a party for my sister, then in a couple of weeks we are having the babies christening at this house.  Today the kitchen started out looking pretty nice, then as we started to take things out to get rid of things, it started to look like a disaster.  Thankfully, now that the babies are all asleep by 8:00 at the latest, Michael being the last one in bed, I have time to get things done. Now, the kitchen looks much more like it did earlier today!  And the best part is that I can go to bed when I want and not worry about a last feeding for the twins and all the babies will sleep through the night til hopefully 6:00 am.

Life is crazy, but I love it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Way back When-esday

Joining in again with way back when-esday!

Tom and I     6/16/2009

Summer 2009
Things certainly can change quite a bit in 2 years!

Monday, September 14, 2009


I am off to a great start this morning!  The kids have been up since 6:30.  They have all had their milk, breakfast, diapers changed and are in for their morning nap.  It is absolutely crazy how much scheduling your day helps get you through and is so much better for the kids.  I am going to use this time to get some housework done.  With 3 kids under 1 1/2, you really can't get housework done when they are up.  Not only that, but you want to spend time with them not cleaning (never mind that I hate cleaning).  I am hoping that since Michael is having a morning nap, he will still have an afternoon nap.  Then, I will have another 1-2 hours to get stuff done around here.  The Christening is coming up soon (October)  as well as a party for my sister's wedding this weekend.  The house needs to get cleaned and organized and I still need to finish the boys outfits for the Christening.  Life passes so quickly!

On to finish my coffee, shower, laundry, and clean!

Life is crazy, but having a good schedule really helps!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Crazy 2 nights

So I had a great first 3 nights with the babes sleeping through the night.  The 4th night Eva Rose woke at 4am  and screamed for I don't remember how long at this point.  Finally she went back to sleep and then got up at 6:15 like usual.  Then, last night Michael woke at 2ish and didn't want to go back to sleep.  I succumbed and got up and gave him milk.  That didn't work so I brought him in bed with me.  That quieted him down, but I didn't want him there for the rest of the night.  I finally put him back in his crib and he cried, but finally fell back to sleep after not too long.  Then not a couple of hours later, Eva Rose again woke screaming.  I got up an d put a CD on in her room and fairly quickly she went back to sleep.  Not great but at least she went back to sleep fairly quick.  Tonight may be another horrible night.  We went to the twin sale in Wakefield and really screwed up the schedule.  I hope that this doesn't screw up the night, but if it does, I know that it is my fault for being so foolish to not follow the schedule.  It's amazing what a schedule means to kids.  I am thinking that I am going to be a little more scheduled with things.  Mainly so dinner get done at a normal time.  The little ones usually eat at a good time, but Tom and I don't and that usually means that we end up eating out.  That needs to stop.  I need to get dinner for Michael, Tom, and I on the schedule and hopefully that will help with keeping things on schedule and help with Tom and my weight issues.  Maybe if we eat at normal time and eat at home vs eating out, we can start to lose weight, be a little healthier, and give Michael good habits!

Here's to a good schedule and a more controlled life.  Life will still be crazy, but it will be crazy in a good away vs  not so good way!


Thursday, September 10, 2009


So, Eva Rose is able to sit up somewhat on her own at least for a short time.  Thomas is not really ready for that yet, but close.  It seems like once things start they happen so quickly.  They both have 2 bottom teeth and I'm assuming that more are coming soon.  Michael is 18 months and has 2 teeth so far.  Knock on wood, I have to say the teething hasn't been an issue with any of the 3.  Hopefully it will continue that way.

Eva Rose sitting up 9/9/09

Thomas went for his follow up for his circumcision.  Everything looks fine.  It's amazing how quick these MD appts are.  It really amazes me how much it takes to get 3 kids into the doctors office and then the doctor walks in looks at the patient for 2 seconds and then says everything is fine and leaves.  It's great that is all that Thomas needed, but if that was all it was going to be, I don't think I would have packed up all 3 kids and had both Tom and I go to the appointment.

Michael is so cute.  I think he likes the bouncy seats more now that he is really to big for them.  He loves to try out Thomas' which was his, but he likes Eva Rose's pink one as much.  He's  so pround to be able to get in and out of  the seats on his own.  He's growing up so fast.  I look at him and no longer see a baby, I see a little boy.
Michael in Eva Rose's bouncy seat 9/10/09

Life is crazy, but I love it!


I know I said that I wouldn't write more, but it has been 3 nights in a row for all 3 kid's sleeping through the night.  I am so excited that this is going so well.  The schedule is great, and is so helpful.  Naps can be difficult, but night time seems to work well.  I hope that I am not jinxing myself, but so far so good!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

sleeping through the night 3

Ok, last post about sleeping.  Someone must be looking out for me because I have had 2 nights in a row with little to no problems getting the twins to sleep from 7:30-6:30 the next morning.  We did have an big issue with Thomas taking is afternoon nap, but finally he went down for about an hour.  We went out and  purchased 2 sleep sacks thanks to the suggestion of Sotorrific Twins' mom.  Hopefully this will help with naps and night time.  The twins went down for a nap this morning with just a little crying.  I never realized just how important schedules, routine, and consistency are.  I love that the kids are all sleeping so good.

Thanks Sotoriffic Twins and Goddess in Progress for the support and the suggestions!  Let's hope that this continues.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sleeping through the night part 2 results

Ok, so knock on wood it was a great night.  The twins went to bed at 7:30 pm.  I had attempted to put them down at 6:00, but that didn't work.  They got a little more formula and back in bed with just a little crying before falling asleep.  Michael went to bed by 7:50 pm, a little twinkle twinkle little star and the stars night light on and he was out (this has been his routine for some time now).  Unfortunately I didn't go to bed early, but did enjoy not getting the twins up at 10:00 for a last bottle.  Michael slept til 5:15 am which is early for him and the twins slept til 6:00 am, but I didn't get them up til 6:30 am.  Today, I again start following the schedule from the Sotorrofic Twins blog.  I hope that tonight is as good of a night as last night.

Off to feed the twins their first bottle after sleeping through the night.

Thanks for all the support from Sotorrific twins and Goddess in Progress!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Seeping through the night part 2

Ok, so sleeping through the night on the 3rd didn't work so well!  That is an understatement.  Little miss Eva Rose decided that she was going to wake up at midnight and not go back to sleep.  I attempted to let her cry it out, but finally at 1:40 am, I decided I couldn't take it anymore and got her up and fed her a bottle and Thomas woke up soon after.  Thankfully Tom fed Thomas while I fed Eva Rose.  We finally went to bed at little after 2 am.  They even woke up early.  I decided that I wasn't able to do this, I am not that strong.  I figured some day I'll get all 3 kids to sleep through the night from at least 8:00 pm-7:00 am.  Tonight, I decided that I am ready for punishment.  I am going to try it again.  I am hopeful that this may work better than it worked before.  I am going to keep trying if this doesn't work.  I have been using the schedule from Sotorrofic Twins blog.  I haven't been as faithful to it as I should be.  I know that it doesn't need to be followed to the letter, but it is a really good schedule to make sure that food and naps and playtime and outing time gets in during the day.  I'm sure that as time goes on this schedule will change as the kids grow and change in what they need, but again it is such a good base schedule.

Wish me luck on my sleeping!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sleeping through the night

Tonight is the first night that we are trying the twins with sleeping through the night.  Thanks to Sotorrofictwins Blog, I have a schedule that I can follow to help them and Tom and I get through this.  Unfortunately, I did not follow this schedule totally today, but I followed it somewhat.  Unfortunately the twins went to bed later than they should more like 8:00 than 6:30 that I had on the schedule.  I guess it's ok, but tomorrow I really want to get them in bed earlier.  They went down a little after 8 and cried until about 8:50.  This was the first day that they ate 3 meals and had a little less formula than I would have liked, but I feel like they ate and drank pretty good for given that they are on a new schedule.

Let's hope the night goes better than I expect and that the twins will sleep through until close to 6:30.  I'm sure Michael will sleep through the night!

Thanks Sotorrific twins!  I think you have given me a great schedule to start with.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

II decided to join in on the fun with way back When-esday
Thomas and Eva Rose just days old
Thomas and Eva Rose now!
Ok, so not so way back, but such a change!
In just a little over 7 month these little guys have grown and changed so much.  They went through a lot to get here and then went through some sickness early on, but now they are healthy and strong.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st day back at work

Ok, let me clarify! I am not back at work, I am never not at work, but I love every day.

Tom went back to school today! It was a tough night with the kids last night, but otherwise not a bad day first day on my own again. It's pretty bittersweet with him back at school. I am now alone with the kids and on just the kids' schedule and mine, but I miss having someone else around to help with 3 little kids and spending time with my whole family. This summer has been the best summer. I got to spend every day with Tom and the 3 kiddos. Who could ask for better. Maybe better summer weather, but we took advantage of every good day. We went to farms and farmer's markets and enjoyed places like Rockport and Portsmouth! We ate great food, some of which I even cooked. I am looking forward to the cool weather. I love the cool brisk air of fall. I love wearing thick sweaters in the cool air with the sun beaming down on you. I love that the air is crisp and comfortable. I can't wait to go for walks with the kids.

I LOVE FALL! I can't wait to enjoy the crisp, clean, cool air!