Friday, June 8, 2012

End Of School

There is one more week to the school year.  One more week for Michael and one more week for my husband.  I am hoping that we can enjoy the summer and then I can find a job for September.  Ultimately, I would love to find a job doing something I love, but the likely hood of that is probably slim to none.  I still keep my hopes up though.

Michael will have a couple of weeks off and then head back for summer school for the month of July.  He will go four days a week for four hours each day.  He did this last summer and I think it really helped him to maintain what he learned through the school year.  My daughter, on the other hand, finishes speech therapy for the school year in 1 week.  She will not be having summer sessions and I am a little concerned about her backsliding, but her speech therapist said that she would give me some things to work on with my daughter over the summer.

Before Michael heads back to school, he will have an OT eval for sensory issues.  Not that I want him to have issues or another diagnosis, if he gets a diagnosis or at least if OT sees issues, maybe we can get some suggestions on how to handle certain things, like going to sleep, poop training, almost obsessive water and sand/dirt play and maybe others.

I know that there are other things to put in place, but for right now, this is what we have.  We are following a more gluten and dairy free diet, which I think makes a huge difference.  Thankfully once Michael is asleep now, he is pretty much asleep except for maybe a short waking for a pee time or request for water and he goes right back to sleep (instead f the multiple waking times that went on for over an hour at a time!

I am hoping to spend a lot of family time this summer.  I hope we can do a lot of day trips as well as just enjoying time near home and at home.  We have an open invitation to swim in a neighbors pool.  I am hopeful that Michael will really enjoy being in the water and learning how to swim.  We will hopefully plant our garden this weekend and we will need to spend some time taking care of the garden.

Thank you to everyone who reads what I write.  It does help to write things down, especially when I know that people are reading.  Thank you for commenting too.  It means so much to me when people take the time to make a comment on things that I write.  I plan to continue to write when I can and let go of worrying if people are reading or not.