Monday, December 17, 2012

Fun Holidays Times

This year, for Christmas, Michael is 4 years 10 months and the twins are 3 years 11 months.  Unlike most of my friends, whose kids have "gotten" the idea of Christmas and Santa, my kids are just getting the whole idea this year.  It's pretty exciting to see them connect things more and more (not just Christmas but a lot of different things).  This year, we are talking about Santa, and I am trying to introduce the Nativity idea.  I grew up a pretty strict Catholic but once I went to college, even though my roommate went to church every weekend and holy day, I pretty much stopped and became that Catholic that went to church on Easter and Christmas.  I want to share Santa with my kids, but I really want to start talking about the other reason we celebrate Christmas.

This year, like the past 3 years, we went to our towns Holiday Stroll.  The kids saw ice sculptures and had fun watching a juggling act.  This year we went later than usual so we missed out on a good amount of things (I think).

Ice Sculpture at The Holiday Stroll Wakefield 2012

We made our Santa Plate for cookies for Santa and ornaments for the Christmas tree.

We drove around and saw Christmas lights.

And I'm trying to have a some what handmade Christmas.  I'm, as usual, definitely behind.  I still have  lot to sew, and I'm not really sure how I'm going to get it all finished, but it will get done.  If I have to stay up really late, it will get done.

1 Christmas stocking complete (I have to finish 2 more and hope that I can do 2 more after that)

Eva Rose's hand sewn Christmas ornament (I still need to make the boys and maybe one for Tom)

1 of 2 completed pillow cases.  I still have 1 more to sew, but it is fully cut out and pinned.  It just needs to be sewn.

I still have PJ pants to make, but that should be simple.  The other 2 stockings just need to have the cuff embroidered and then sew the cuff on.  I have to finish the boys felt ornament.  Then there are all the crazy started projects to finish.  I had wanted to knit some washcloths, but I have a feeling that there is not enough time!!!!  I always think that I have plenty of time, but there is just too much to do and not enough time.  I do want to make sure that we have some fun traditions, and that includes being totally excited for the holidays, Santa, Jesus, gifts, Christmas lights, town events, and handmade gifts.  One day I'll figure out how to get it all done.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year