Thursday, May 3, 2012

Michael Update

Michael had his cyst removed.  For a while, he had this little lump that we were told could be this big long word.  It was removed about a week ago and we are on our way to his chin healing.  After the surgery was complete, the doctor said that it wasn't what he thought it was, but that it was either a cyst or a lymph node (i didn't know that you had lymph nodes in your chin).  We go for a follow up in about a week and a half and will find out the biopsy of the cyst.

In a week and a half we are also taking Michael for his developmental evaluation.  I have been really concerned about his lack of meeting certain milestones or his lack of communicating.  According to his preschool teachers, he is progressing, but not as fast as they would like to see.  He has been in a a 5 hour preschool program for a year now and is still not really able to talk to us about his day.  Luckily his teacher sends home a little check off on the things that happen during the day so that I can ask him about it.  With lots of prodding he is able to maybe at least acknowledge that he has down certain things at school.  Unlike his younger brother (by 10 1/2 months), Michael can not really communicate about his day even with simple cuing.  I have noticed though, that he is improving over that last couple of weeks.  Before, when you asked him who his teacher was, he would say teacher, now he can say her name and then just this morning, I asked him who was in his class and he actually named the kids without a lot of prodding.  He still likes to play alone and doesn't really even play along side other kids.  His imaginary play is starting, but is still pretty limited.

The one area that he actually excels in is music.  He loves music and can sing many songs.  He was able to sing songs before he could really say a whole lot.  I love listening and watching him sing.  His whole face lights up and you really now that he loves music.

One thing that I do think has helped is his diet.  He has shown to be sensitive to  gluten and dairy.  ever since we have removed these or at least lessened them greatly in his diet, he has been improving.  He is more aware and more vocal.  He sleeps better and doesn't seem to have the skin issue that he was having, especially when he was eating and drinking dairy.

I am looking forward to his developmental evaluation.  Part of me says that he doesn't need it, but another part of me says don't be stupid.  He is four years old and he should be communicating more than he is and he should be playing more with others or at least along side others rather than always wanting to play by himself.  He does well with his brother and sister, but really needs to start playing with other kids.

One other major area that he has greatly improved in is in his behavior.  His impulsivity is much improved.  Before, if you reprimanded him, he would throw something.  Usually this was regarding asking him to put soothing down.  Instead of putting it down, he would throw it and sometimes it was something very fragile.  I do think that you need to talk to him in a certain way, but he is so much better.

I can't wait to either find out that there is no real issue and we don't need to worry, or find out that there is an issue and then we work on helping him with whatever issue he has.  I really just need to know where to go with him and know if I am worrying needlessly or if my instincts were right and I need to do more!



  1. I will keep Michael and your family in my prayers..

  2. I can imagine that having a diagnosis now for Michael might be overwhelming and scary at first. Hopefully the doctor that evaluated him gave you and your husband some resources locally where you can turn to for more support whether it is: emotional, educational, financial, or services related.

    I know that following my son’s diagnosis, I was slow to initiate and look for help. I had the mentality that my husband and I could handle whatever we were dealt. It was nice once I came to the realization that we didn’t have all the tools and knowledge and sought out other parents in similar situations; did I then come to realize that my husband and I weren’t alone & that if you look for it there is help out there even if you don’t think you need it.

    With the rise in Autism & PDD NOS, there is more out there; whether it is services, information, or support.

    Not sure if you are questioning yourself – like “now what I am supposed to do”. Of course the internet is a great resource for finding out information and would be a good place to start. Also, perhaps a parent support group might be another source of information and support for you as well. I learned a great deal of information and connected with other parents this way at first; as well as learned information about services that are not always broadcast over the internet.

    I occasionally read your blog, so if you are frustrated, looking for support, confused, need to vent – blog it!