Monday, October 22, 2012

Time For Me

I love being with my kids, but I also love trying to make sure that I do things that I love for me!  One thing that I love to do is craft.  I love to just absorb myself in being creative, no matter what kind of crafting it is.  I do have favorites, but pretty much any creative outlet is fun for me.  I try to tell my husband that we both need to find time to be creative (his is mainly woodworking and mine is anything from sewing to knitting/crocheting to paper crafting).  I am trying to do more than pin things on interest and watch youtube videos!

One of my twin mom friends has me a little obsessed with English Paper Piecing.  I saw a post she did on hexagon quilting and from there on, I have been obsessed.  I started learning all I could with hexagon quilting.  I put together a hexagon quilting kit.  I bought and made templates.  Now I have moved on from hexagon paper piecing to different shapes.

I am still obsessed with leaning different things about English Paper Piecing.  I really want to learn the history behind it, especially now that I have been actually doing it.  I have also started to become obsessed/addicted to youtube craft videos, including English Paper Piecing!

One of the things that I love about paper piecing is that you can take it with you.  There is also the newness factor of trying and learning a new craft, but the biggest thing is the portability of it.  I love that i can take it with me where ever I go.  I can do it while the kids are playing outside.  I can do it while I watch TV.  I could take it in the car while my husband drives.  I love that you can buy the templates already made, you can buy acrylic templates, or you can create your own.  So far I have either created my own of I have bought acrylic templates.

I haven't started yet, but I am little obsessed with the whole dresden plate template.  I have bought one and plan to use it soon, but just haven't found the time yet.  I guess in general, I am starting to get a little obsessed with the whole template things.  I am totally loving listening to youtube craft videos while I drive, while I lay in bed, or even while I half listen to TV.

I guess I am just a little obsessed with crafting again, and I am loving it!  I just wish I had more time!

English Paper Pieced multi shaped hexagon

English Paper Pieced multi shaped hexagon

English Paper Pieced multi shaped hexagon

Card I made from a youtube tutorial

Spiderman card I made from a youtube tutorial

 My first paper pieced hexagons

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