Friday, December 11, 2009


This whole vaccine issues is crazy.  I finally just scheduled my kids a time to get the vaccine next Wed.  The twins are getting the 2nd dose of their flu shot on Mon and then Wed we have to go to Newton to get the 1st dose of the H1N1 vaccine then hope that we can get the 2nd dose after 30 days most likely somewhere else since NWH is probably not doing more clinics.  According to the twins Dr, she feels that the twins need to get the vaccine especially since they were slightly premature and then had RSV when they were just weeks old.  The RSV places them more at risk for respiratory issues when they get sick, so even a cold may cause serious breathing complications or it may not.  One never knows.  I'm not thrilled about the vaccine, but given the alternative, I changed my mind and decided that the vaccine was important for them all to get.  At least they'll get the 1st dose and maybe it won't be as difficult to get the 2 nd dose!


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  1. My guys got their first doses Nov. 2nd, but can't get the second one yet since not everyone in our pedi practice had gotten the first dose yet, which make sense, I guess. So, we're just on hold for the booster. I've not even checked into going somewhere else for it, but my guys don't have any history of respiratory problems. So for now, we're just playing it safe. We've not done too much group stuff with other kids (except for our weekly library storytime), and I'm crazy about hand washing. I'm hoping that will be enough to keep us H1N1 free until we can get that second dose. (But who am I kidding, I know even after they get the second dose, we'll still be playing it safe. That's just me.)