Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sleep update!

So we started sleep training truly on Wednesday night.  Surprisingly they slept thru on Wed even after H1N1 shots.  Unfortunately on Thursday and Friday night Michael and Eva Rose cried.  We just let them cry and after some time they fell asleep.  Last night we had some people over and were pretty good at keeping them on their schedule even though people wanted to play with them.  They went to bed at their normal time and slept thru til 7:30 this morning.  Did we do it?  I certainly hope so, but I am certainly not expecting that we are all in the clear.  I am definitely expecting to have more nights were we will have to listen to the kids CIO, but I am hoping that we are close to them sleeping thru without wailing and screaming for hours!  I have the Weissbluth book and have skimmed, but I really need to look at the Chapters for the kids' ages and see what he says, but I feel like we are on the right path and will finally get some much needed sleep!

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