Monday, August 17, 2009

What a Weekend

We had a great weekend, but I can't believe that summer is close to being over. Saturday we went to both the Wakefield and the Winchester Farmer's Markets. I am loving buying all the different veggies from the Hmong Farmer's. this week we bought amaranth, watercress, pea pod tendrills, and squash flowers. Tonight we had gnocci that we bought at Wakefield's market with watercressfrom the Hmong Farmer's, goat cheese from The Winchester market, and yellow cherry tomatoes from the Winchester market. It was so good!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to try stuffed sqhash flowers, and we have already had the pea pod tendrills and the amaranth in the past.

Sunday, we went to the beach in Kennebunk and had a great time with all 3 kids and my sister in law and brother in law. Uncle Ted and Dad took Michael in the ocean and Michael seemed to be having fun, while Auntie Connie and Mom sat in the shallow water with the twins.

We are trying to have the twins and Michael baptized. How stupid to try to have all 3 done at once. Scheduling is a bear. The good thing is that I am attempting to make the outfits for all 3 kids. I worked on Eva Rose's dress today and it is almost complete, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! I just have to do button holes and put the lace on the bottom. We decided to go a little non-traditional and do simple cotton outfits. I really had no desire to dress them in satin type outfits that were really dressy. I am really happy with how the dress is coming out. I can't wait for it to be finished


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