Monday, August 24, 2009


So we made the move to cloth diapers for all 3 kiddos, except the twins sometimes wear disposables. I thought that it was helping with Michael's rashy bottom, but no I was wrong. The poor kid has the reddest bottom and is so sore. He has also slept horrible for the last nights. Last night was the worst. Then tonight his bottom was so red. Hopefully he is teething, which although it is difficult to go through, at least there is a rhyme or reason to why this is happening.

On a better note, the twins seem to really want to eat. I think they are finally ready for 3 meals a day. They ate their afternoon bottle and not more than 3 hours later they were hungry, but didn't want a bottle. Both of them seemed to really enjoy their carrots then went on to have almost a full bottle not much later. Hopefully with eating food and bottles, they will be able to go all night without having to have a 10:00pm bottle.

I made ratatouille tonight with eggplant, zucchini/summer squash, and tomatoes from the farmer's market/farms. I was pretty amazed at how good it came out. I was just as surprised if not more surprised that Michael seemed to like it. I really didn't think that he would eat it at all. He is not really a veggie kid nor the greatest eater, though sometimes he really surprises me!


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