Friday, November 6, 2009


It'a amazing how fast babies grow.  You don't realize it until you have your own and all of a sudden you realize that these babies are no the teeny little beings that they were when they were first born.  My oldest son is now 20 months and the twins are now 9 1/2 months.  Michael is so amazing to watch.  he has grown into such a little man.  He and the twins have such great personalities.  I am learning that Michael loves oldies.  He loves to move his arms and slap his legs to the beat of oldies 103.3.  One of the mom's in my twins group was asking about MD visits in the 1st year not including well baby visits, especially for preemies.  I remember going to the MD often for Michael since he wasn't gaining weight.  I wasn't able to breast feed and provide him enough calories.  Once we started him on formula, all was good.  Even though I felt like a failure, he was thriving.  He was not thriving on breast milk alone.  I realized all that mattered was that he thrived and grew strong!  He is now growing so big.  He eats pretty good, but loves to feed the dog and throw his food on the floor.  Hopefully, he'll start eating more and giving less to the dog!

Eva Rose and Thomas are now able to sit up on their own.  They are getting ready to stand.  They are already up on their knees and trying to get to their feet.  I actually had to move the shoulder straps in their car seat.  They are now at the top setting.  It made me think back to when they were first born.  They were 4 1/2 weeks early and each weighed about 4 1/2 pounds.  We weren't even sure if they were going to be able to use their car seat or need to use a car bed.  Luckily they did great with their car seat testing.  Unfortunately they ended up back in the hospital with RSV, but grew so big and strong after their hospitalization.  It's amazing how much they have grown.  We went to the MD Fri for a respiratory issue with Eva Rose and the MD was amazed at how much she has changed since her 6 month visit.  I can't wait for her to see the other 2 kids and her what she has to say about their growth!

I love watching the kids grow, change, and meet milestones.  It's amazing being a parent.  I love being the mom to 3 beautiful children and the wife to a fabulous man!

Life is crazy but I love it!

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