Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday November 25th

Today is the day before Thanksgiving.  It was bring your kids to work, at least at Tom's school.  I took all 3 kids to school and Michael loved watching 2001 space odyssey in Tom's class.  Ok, so he really only liked or at least was really attracted to the scene when the apes were making noises.  Michael attempted to copy them, very cute!

After this, we went for lunch at a simple sub place in town.  Michael ate pretty good and the 3 kids were very well behaved.  When I left the house this morning, I packed clothes in case we went to see Santa at the mall.  I figured that given that this was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, maybe there wouldn't be that many people wanting to see Santa.  We got to the mall and there was no line.  I still had to change 3 kids into their dress clothes and hope by then there wouldn't be this huge line.  Tom and I tag teamed the 3 kids and got in line with only 1 person ahead of us.  Michael started screaming when we put him in the stroller and we were afraid that this was only a taste of what was to come.  When we got up to Santa, we put all 3 kids in his lap (Santa was awesome in how he handled 3 kids under 2!).  Thankfully all 3 kids cooperated and we got our picture.  Now onto getting Christmas cards ready!

Santa visit 2009

Happy Holidays,


  1. Lucky you! Your 3 did about 1000 times better than my 2. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hi Amy,

    I´m a graphic designer and wanted to ask for your permission to use the Santa and 3 kids image within a Poster I am designing for a Holiday Gift Fair. Would you mind if I use it?

    Please let me know. Thank you.