Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dairy Allergy

So it has been about 3 weeks that we have been dairy free with the kids and we have totally noticed a huge difference.  For the longest time, I felt like I was always wiping their runny noses and just chalked it up to the season and them being kids.  Michael's breathing was really loud even in the daytime (I didn't realize how many people noticed it).  Michael had horrible snoring.  All 3 kids (but Michael and Eva Rose were the worst) had horrible diaper rashes off and on.

Now that milk is no longer in their diet (though I'm sure that there are times were we have inadvertently given them some sort of milk product since it seems like it's in everything), we have begun to see so many changes for the positive.  I haven't had to wipe runny, drippy noses.  Michael's breathing has improved, to the point that people have commented that they no longer can hear him breathing.  Michael's snoring is much better, and he seems to do more breathing out of his nose vs his mouth.  Michael has really come out of his shell and others are noticing it!  There really hasn't been any diaper rash issues (granted the detergent change seems to have been a major help too) and their poop, yes their poop, seems more normal.  Tom and I were recently just really sick with either a major cold or the flu and the kids didn't get even a sniffle.  The other unexpected benefit is that their meal intake and snack intake and even water intake seems so much more improved.  Granted we have made some major changes to how we react to Michael's sleep issues, but his sleeping is much improved and it didn't take any where near as long as Ithought it would for the sleeep to improve nor was it as horrific as I had expected that it would be!

I am in the process of making an allergy appointment for the 3 kids and we may look at other things in their diet as potential allergens, especially given my allergy blood test for which I have made enough diet changes but that is for another post.  We need to take Eva Rose back to evaluate  the fluid in her ears.  I'm not sure if we need a follow up for the tonsils, but we will be seeing the PCP in a couple of weeks and I'm sure she can see how they look.  I think either way, taking milk out of their diet seems to have helped.  Now I just need to get myself to make the same changes in my diet because I know that I'll feel better too!



  1. I am glad you are on the right track!!!! Having good results with this will hopefully give you inspiration to try cutting other "problem" foods!

    My 3 year old drinks soy milk only and before the switch, she would go days with major BM problems! We rarely have that problem now. She is still a serious cheese eater, but cutting out the large amount of milk really helped!

  2. This is really good news...glad to hear that one little change made a huge difference! I'll bet you're so relieved to find something that you could do too...hate that helpless feeling as a parent!

  3. I'm glad to hear that the kids seem to be doing better after going dairy free. It probably makes meal and snack times more challenging, but that probably gets easier over time. Good luck at the allergist appointments!