Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Public Preschool Eval

Michael turns 3 in about 3 weeks.  This means he'll age out of early intervention.He still has a pretty huge speech delay so we are having him evaluated through the public school system.  I know that he'll qualify for speech therapy, but I am also hoping along with speech, he'll get to go to the public preschool.  I think that he'll benefit from the preschool program for his socialization skills.  He is just starting to parallel play with others.  He is just starting to be social rather than always being on the outskirts of things.  I know that this is most likely just him being more introverted and shy, but I think that he needs to work on this skill and I think our EI group has really helped him with this.  I also think that this will help his speech instead of just having speech therapy a couple of times a week.  In 2 weeks, the school psychologist is coming out to our EI group to evaluate him.  The next Monday, the day before he turns 3 we have his IEP meeting where we will discuss what the public school's assessment is and what the plan is.  Thankfully our EI worker is going to the meeting with me.  My step father is watching the other 2 so I can go to the meeting and hear what they have to say.

I really can't believe that Michael is going to be 3.  It feel like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant with him.  I was just looking at the picture on the top of this blog, for Halloween 2010, and from that short time, it looks as if he has become such a big boy.  I can't believe how much he has changed.  He has done so well in EI, but he really still needs loads of speech therapy.  I really hope that the school feels the same way and he gets to go to preschool with in a week or so after he turns 3.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow, but I am actually a little nervous too.  Any words of advice from others who have been there?



  1. I'm glad that you're EI worker is going with you...that way a lot of the lingo that they use at those meetings won't seem to foreign.

    Advice? As a former educator, I'd say familiarize yourself with what kind of services are offered and make sure you have data to back up any claims that you make. Also, take notes and keep them...you may need to refer to them at a later date. You are your child's only advocate at this point, so stand firm on what you believe. Good luck!

  2. It's good to hear that Michael's been making progress. I hope he's able to attend the public preschool, as that is what you are wanting for him. It would be great for him to be able to continue learning and receiving services in that type of setting. You'll have to let us know how it goes.