Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Adventures

Our first new adventure this week was finding that Eva Rose is starting to get teeth. She is definately getting a lower one and maybe a second one also. Other than chewing on her fingers, I would never have guessed that she was teething. I just happened to notice the tooth when she was yawning.

On Monday, we went to Tendercrop Farm in Newbury, MA. It was the first time blueberry picking. Michael even helped out picking the blueberries off the bushes, though he ate all the ones that he picked. The farm also had a buffalo and a llama. It was the first time that I noticed that Michael got really involved in the animals. Obviously the twins are too young to enjoy any of this, but they seemed to enjoy being out in the sunny weather, especially since we haven't had much of that this summer.

Today, we decided to go to Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, MA. Again, Michael liked looking at the animals, but was not impressed when they made noise. We almost lost our stroller umbrella when one of the cows decided to try to have it for a snack. Michael loved walking around the wide open expanse of land and would walk away from us without ever looking back. Before we left for the farm, the twins ate avacado for the first time ever. They are starting food very slowly, but seem to be taking well to it.

I can't wait for next year when the twins are old enough to enjoy all these excursions. Life will be even more crazy then, but what fun!

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