Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where's the Sun

Will we ever see the sun again? Will it stay for longer than 2 days? This weather is really no fun when you have 3 small kids. Even though there is so much house stuff to do, I just want to enjoy the outdoors with the kids. After being on bed rest for the last 3 months of my pregnancy, the twins being preemie and sick and born in the winter, and now having Tom home for the summer, I just want to have nice weather to enjoy.

We spent the morning at Costco doing a major food and baby stuff run. It's amazing how much stuff you need when you have 3 kids. Things go so quickly.

Michael ate a necterine all by himself this morning. He is so cute. The twins are getting so big and so strong. It seems like just yesterday they were just 4 1/2 pounds and now they are able to hold their heads up and are almost triple their birth weight.
This crazy life, wouldn't change a thing,


  1. Hey Amy, welcome to the blogosphere! :-) Super cute kids you've got there....

    -Liz J (from COPE)

  2. Such cuties- they could be triplets!

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging! Have fun with it.

    You've got adorable kids, though I can see why it'd be a little nutty. I'm an older sister, a bit more than a year older than my twin brother and sister. I've got to say, I'm sure it made my parents a little insane, especially when we were little, but I loved growing up so close in age with my siblings! I'm sure your kids will really enjoy their closeness!

    -Sally (also from the twins group :)